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Wastewater Management Services

Cuthbert & Jones Engineering Associates Limited provides state-of-the-art wastewater treatment equipment that is highly efficient in removing common contaminants found in raw sewage. Our equipment represents the best in class in wastewater treatment, ensuring that the water is thoroughly cleaned and safe for disposal or reuse. The advanced technology incorporated in our wastewater treatment facilities ensures for a comprehensive treatment process that effectively removes a wide range of contaminants, including organic and inorganic substances, bacteria, and viruses. This high level of efficiency ensures that our clients can meet the strictest environmental standards and regulations.

Transmission and Utilities

Cuthbert and Jones stands out as a leader in water and wastewater systems, making us the preferred choice for fast-track and complex projects. Our designs consider initial capital cost, total life cycle cost, low operations and maintenance (O&M) expenses, reliability, and resilience. We tailor our solutions to meet your unique requirements and provide comprehensive support, including construction management, startup, and O&M services.

Specific Services

Wastewater collection
  • Interceptors and force mains

  • Meter stations

  • Lift stations

  • Master planning

  • Condition assessment

  • Trenchless technology rehabilitation

  • Inverted siphon modeling and design

  • Manhole rehabilitation

  • Odor and corrosion evaluation and control

Wastewater Treatment

Cuthbert and Jones offers Water Purification and Resource Recovery services, also known as Wastewater Treatment, to individuals, governments, communities, businesses, and organizations throughout Jamaica. We frequently serve as program managers or design consultants for water and wastewater treatment projects, achieving millions of gallons per day in total treatment capacity for our clients. Our expertise includes leading planning studies, designing plants, and providing construction phase and startup/commissioning services for advanced water, wastewater, and water reuse treatment systems.

Specific Services

Resource Recovery (Wastewater Treatment)
  • Water reclamation and reuse

  • Conventional activated sludge and high rate activated sludge systems

  • Integrated film-activated sludge (IFAS), moving bed biofilm reactors (MBBR) and membrane aerated bioreactors (MABR)

  • Biological and chemical phosphorus removal

  • Ammonia nitrification

  • Total nitrogen removal

  • Headworks, coarse and fine screening, and grit removal

  • Wastewater pumping systems

  • Primary clarification and high-rate primary treatment

  • Chemically enhanced primary treatment

  • Secondary clarification

  • Cloth media and conventional filtration

  • Chlorine, UV and hypochlorite disinfection

  • Anaerobic treatment and digestion

  • Aerobic digestion

  • Biosolids dewatering and drying

  • Class A biosolids treatment

  • Energy conservation and recovery

  • Biosolids regulations and residuals management

  • Industrial pretreatment and technically based local limits

  • Peak flow management, storage and treatment

  • Plant upratings

  • PFAS treatment

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